08 February 2012

[Ex-player] Lilian Thuram: "Mourinho is an adult, does not need advice"

The ex azulgrana has taught at the Barcelona conference on respect in the world sport.

The explayer azulgrana Lilian Thuram , who has conducted a conference in Barcelona today about respect in the world of sports, has opined today that Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho , is "an adult and does not need advice" regarding their controversial attitudes toward rivals. "No, he doesn't need advice because it is mature. I believe that each one has their personality. He is a mature" person, has said the French explayer who however has urged Barcelona to already not entering in a harmful rivalry with the club blanco to "stay faithful to their philosophy ".

"The Barca has a philosophy of play and behavior that is not common. I hope people take it as an example, because Barça is a good thing for world football, "he asserted in statements to the media. Thus, Thuram has said he does not believe that "a team wins because it has a behavior (better) on the field, but Barca wins because it is better and has better players."

"The difference between Barça and Madrid is that Barça has to stay true to their philosophy of play. The Barça players play together for a long time too. This is the difference," said Thuram, World Champion and Europe with the French national team and explayer teams like Juventus , Parma , Monaco or Barcelona.

Also referred to the action in which the player madridista Pepe stepped into the hand of Barca Lionel Messi during the first leg quarterfinal Cup, and the Portuguese defender received no penalty. "It depends on the reading of this situation. If you are reading that Pepe does not intentionally, then nothing. It is most important, if unintentional or not. When the player says that is not voluntary, what else can you do? "he said.

However, has been surprised to learn that Barça took no action against Pepe to be punished, if he considered it an assault. "But Barça did not ask? Then you're done!" He concluded, laughing.

Some time before and during an hour in the Sala Roma of Camp Nou, Thuram has addressed a group of 200 young people linked to social cohesion programs promoted by the Department of Social Welfare of the Generalitat of Catalonia. There has highlighted the "lucky it was to play at Barça and remember that it is more than a club".

"I played two years and was very important for me because my foundation orchestrated here. The Barca players helped me make a statement about respect for the human race," he explained. "I played two years in Spain and I know that many people talk about race, the black race. Why talk like that, why people are looking through the skin color?" Lamented Thuram.

Accompanied by Minister for Social Welfare of the Generalitat, Josep Lluís Cleries, and the first vice president of the Foundation FC Barcelona, ​​Ramon Pont, Thuram explained to young methods to overcome racist attitudes that exist in our society. Within the campaign "We are what we do, we are what we respect" the Catalan club, Thuram has also visited La Masia and its residents, and participating in a conference this morning at the Catalan Institute for Women, among other activities. (via MD)