23 February 2012

[Ex-player] Jordi Cruyff: "To this team anything cannot be discussed"

Jordi Cruyff spoke to the athletic program in which Cadena COPE took stock of what this Barça have achieved in recent years.

"A club like Barça always have the obligation to fight to the end, because football is 11 against 11. And a decision, a red, a failure, a bad day ... can make you lose 3 points where you least expect it and you should always be there to take that rejection, "said Jordi Cruyff, son of Johan Cruyff.

"What is certain is that the difference is important, but knowing the players he has Barça I'm sure will be there fighting to the end to see if it can happen. Although one must understand that it is now easier to win the Copa del Rey. And the Champions Barça must be at least in the semifinals, "he said.

Jordi Cruyff wants Pep Guardiola to remain coach of FC Barcelona: "Knowing a little of Pep is clearly not going to wait until May or April to decide," he said, adding that the Santpedor "is a very polite, very coherent . And whatever you do, will decide in a short time, but not because the press has to answer tomorrow. "

The ex player of FC Barcelona and turned to Guardiola stage player, said his quality on the bench is beyond doubt and that "Barça has upgraded the system with an impressive football."

On the subject of arbitration, said it is clear that there have been some controversial decisions, "This year there have been some refereeing decisions which may have cost points to Barça. However, he believes that has not been this that has lost so many points to Guardiola. "Barça now have the distance that it has taken away much more and hence the difference," he said. (via SPORT)