26 February 2012

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff's presentation ended with boos the President of Chivas

Johan Cruyff was presented on Saturday as Chivas adviser. The event ended with boos Mexican club president.

The ex player and ex coach of Barça called for "realism" to his new team, making clear that its support does not guarantee the end of the run of Chivas: "To think that I'm here because I am going to win is absurd, we know what failure, "he said.

"You might not have known how to play and then have forgotten about it. You can not always win, but you have to take a base, one just has not won a game," he said.

Chivas owner Jorge Vergara, was booed during the presentation of Cruyff, which took place before about 200 fans at Estadio Omnilife. The manager was outraged by this, "" Shut up, more respect, are invited to a home and respected, "he snapped Vergara those present.

Fans were able to ask the Dutch, who stressed that his project is long term. (via SPORT)