29 February 2012

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff: "The most spectacular is Messi. The best is Xavi"

The new sports consultant from Chivas de Guadalajara compared his new club with the 70 Ajax and Barça of Guardiola.

The journalist José Ramón Fernández of ESPN interviewed Johan Cruyff to review the game globally today, his new club, Chivas, and perform various comparisons between the Ajax and Holland of the 70, the Dream Team and current Barça models of planet football game.

Cruyff did a review of the history of football to get to the comparison with the Mexican football and the Netherlands or the Dream Team: "In the late 60's, the Dutch had a lot of quality football, but there were no professionals. There were great players, Rinus Michels coached us. the base existed. we enjoyed without thinking about the results. When we had the mentality began to execute the search results with the quality with which they had. "Referring to the current Barca and exportable model Chivas game, Cruyff said that "no team runs as little as Barcelona. They always have the ball. It is they who set the pace of the game and decide where to play. Only one ball and decide who does. "

The new Chivas sports consultant said that with his arrival, Barça and Catalunya changed the mentality: "In Catalunya had mind losing, but managed to become a winner. Have a weakness, but if you can work better. Have to detect small problems. never are big problems, they are always small details. have to find them and find the solution. "

Asked about the best player in the world, Dutch and Catalan clear answer: "The best player in the world does not exist, because there are different positions. There spectacular player like Messi. But if you see a guy like Xavi, who handles the ball , which manages the pace of the game. it's a great player, but totally different from Messi. Everyone is a gambler, but a forward is different from the goalkeeper. You can not compare. it is very hard to tell who is the best. the most spectacular is Messi. Best, Xavi ".

Cruyff does not see why you can not achieve Chivas similar success Ajax and Barcelona: "Everyone always says no. And I reason when everyone tells me it can not. This team reminds me of former Ajax, La Masia, and those are things that I like and motivates me to work. " (via SPORT)