07 February 2012

Emery: "It's outside of place that they accuse us for the grass"

Unai Emery has stated in the press conference that it is "important" for the team through the tie "against the best team in the world".

The group trained by Unai Emery needs to score at least a little to reach the final of the Copa del Rey first leg as they drew at home against the rival team

"It's an opportunity we have to work their best to try to seize it. It is the party of our opportunity and illusion and we have a responsibility to work the best for it. Although we made a defensive approach, we would come to win," Emery stressed.

Valencia coach is aware that there are "enthusiasm and desire to enjoy a final" and therefore the preparation of the party "aims to nullify Barcelona, ​​a great team in every game they play against Valencia looking surprised."

Emery, who has stressed that the team will have "a plus" for the displacement of nearly a thousand of fans agree with the "strategy" Barcelona "do not give anyone clues" about the medical report.

The technician asked someone some complaints of Barcelona on the lawn of Mestalla in the first leg, Valencia replied that "played their tricks."

"Yesterday we asked for the lawn. We leave it as it was, not watered or cut it. They put the field as they wish, with the dimensions you want. Barcelona is a big club, but his greatness may lose some at times. It's out of the fact accuse us, "he stated.

"Here we are sometimes too open. Report is to report, but the opposing team ... now I do not know who will play for Barcelona, ​​maybe if I did something adelantaríamos. They do so and not bad, I looks good, "he commented.

Emery also pointed out that the team is "within limits" in regard to aggression, and who knows "how to stop this 10 short that is very good," referring to the Argentinean Leo Messi, but is aware that "stop it, stop it very few."

"Very Careful, do not want to enter the house of another, Messi is the best in the world and that is wrong, me or I think so," Valencia coach stressed.

Asked if tomorrow will use French as a winger Jeremy Mathieu down the left, Emery has responded with a laugh that "Mathieu will play in the right" and asked reporters not to tell "anyone."

The Basque coach, who will assess the pros and cons of calling all staff to the party, stressed that he will not ask the arbitrator "or to help or to harm."

"If the play balances Mestalla, nor tell him no. You have to understand the difficult task they have, the intense games of this type have to be difficult for them. Now, when they speak to the contrary, kill it," he added . (via SPORT)