01 February 2012

Emery: "It's hard to talk about bad times of Barca with Guardiola"

Valencia coach, Unai Emery, said that "it is difficult to talk about bad times" with the Catalan team coach Josep Guardiola on the bench.

"Even if we see the tie against Real Madrid, is difficult. The positives of this team win outweigh the negative. We can take the negative, as the party did against Villarreal, but do not want my players to think that Barcelona will be at a low level, "he added.

For Emery, the team must "make things even better" than in other games against rival tomorrow, although he acknowledged that "not easy" despite the Valencia "can."

"There have been many previous games with good feelings at the last moment have not earned. Tomorrow we have a high demand and demonstrate in the field," said Valencia coach.

For Emery, "after this door in reference to the round against Barcelona is a final. The illusion will find out a vibrant and beautiful," but is "led to a victory."

The coach admitted that the intention of the team is to "win at the Mestalla," although there is a second priority, "of having a clean sheet and leave with more than one goal difference" in the first leg, as well as to end the meeting "with eleven players."

"We prevented. Barcelona is always dangerous, casualties may be important for them, but they have other important players," he detailed the Basque coach.

Emery pointed out that the team must "improve the performance on Sunday and the match against Real Sociedad, and have as such parties as the previously played for Barcelona or Real Madrid," all of the league.

"The surprise factor is diluted every time we play against them, repeating pattern of play. Repeat the game plan with Jeremy Mathieu and Jordi Alba will not have much impact as a surprise for them, they can sense how we play, and we as they will do, "he detailed.

Asked about the cases of Barcelona players that according to medical reports are injured for some weeks or inconvenience to the party, and then the eleventh part of the Catalan team, Emery has responded with irony.

"For us we have been fallen Albelda, we have Soldier's serious lesion in the knee, we are diminished," said amid laughter from reporters.

Complaints about Barcelona president Sandro Rosell with respect to arbitrations, Emery said that "down the road, all are harmed or benefited" and "great are the least have to protest." (via SPORT)