09 February 2012

Emery: "I congratulate Barcelona and wish them good luck"

"Congratulate Barcelona, ​​having much luck".
"We have to strengthen us much to qualify for the Champions".

Unai Emery , coach of Valencia , showed his frustration at not being able to reach the final of Copa "We played the best team in the world, we had our chances, until the 75th minute was open, but Barca is a great team and has demonstrated its superiority. We needed to have success, and we have not done, "he admitted.

Emery would not excuse in the ground breaking of Soldado. "When there is a player we can not rely on it. We employ a very broad and do not believe in that, "said Valencia coach, which, unlike Mourinho in the previous tie, did not hesitate to congratulate Barça. "Congratulate Barcelona, ​​having much luck and from there to strengthen us much to qualify for the Champions League and do well in the Europa League. We made ​​two good matches in qualifying, but we needed something more, "he said.

In addition, Emery qusio move on to the incident who lived with Guardiola in the away game after Barca coach held Puyol's goal remembering that Valencia had not watered the field. "I congratulate you. I compete for my team, as he competes for his. From there, about the greatness details for Guardiola was also "he said. As a summary, Emery said: "Barca fail to win for purely potential." (via MD)