04 February 2012

El Madrid wins to Barca in fiscal policy

El Madrid already knows what is to win the departure to Barça this season. It does not, however, in the playgrounds, but in fiscal policy.

And, as explained on Friday 'Expansion.com' does the economy of the white players is better off after the rise of income tax applied by the government Rajoy.

The change in the levy, which will begin to be paid this month, increases tax differences between communities, with Barça one of the clubs most affected. Thus, if a player card right now for Barça be taxed 56% and even 60% if one considers that the Catalan government has decided to reactivate the Heritage tax. If it did for the whole of Jose Mourinho the player, however, only 52% should be taxed, since the marginal rate of income is lower in this region, which also has not been redeemed tax Heritage . Differences that could be expanded if Esperanza Aguirre, president of the Community of Madrid, fulfills its promise of lowering the income tax.

Apart from these differences, the fact is that after the changes made in recent years, Spain has gone from being one of the countries with tax systems more attractive to elite athletes get on the tail of European countries with higher taxes . Although there are some exceptions such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Kaka.

Both Real Madrid players bonuses keep Beckham Act, so that after the rise of personal income tax (0.75% only if) a 24.75% taxable, the tax you pay at the moment in Spain mileurista. (via SPORT)