07 February 2012

Diego Alves warns Barça: "We will leave the soul"

Brazilian goalkeeper Diego Alves Valencia believes "will have to play almost perfect" to reach Cup final.

Valencia's Brazilian goalkeeper has recognized, at a press conference that the fight in the Valencia round of the Copa del Rey semi-final against Barcelona "until the last second" and in that game will be "the soul within the field."

"We do not know what can happen, the truth is that the style of play and aggressiveness often generates Barcelona in ninety minutes. Is the idea that Barça is wrong, but it is not, but lately has failed have many occasions, is still the best team in the world, "he explained.

For Brazil, the rival of Valencia Cup "has a unique and very strong in their field." "Now take a small advantage to have scored an away goal, but we can go too," added the keeper.

Alves, who asked with a laugh, "there are no penalties", pointed out the danger of the Catalans to pieces, "which surprised the Madrid and Valencia and also from the far post."

"We must be prepared to watch caught us," said Valencia's goalkeeper, who also pointed out as the key to win the game against Barcelona did not expect the opposing team because "the ball generate many times."

"The word pessimism is not in our plans, we get the better of the team to move forward," Alves stressed on how the team faced the challenge on Wednesday at the Camp Nou.

Asked about the timetable they have lived separate Barcelona and Valencia this week, the first played in the league on Saturday at home and did all Valencia on Sunday outside but Alves has stated that "this is the schedule and must be accepted" .

"Now there's a game on Wednesday and the desire and illusion covering the fatigue of the previous games," he pointed the goalkeeper.

Alves also referred to the meeting that played Valencia to Atletico Madrid (0-0), in which the team led by Unai Emery "managed to find a point where it managed to be strong and aggressive, not like before." (via SPORT)

"We are slowly improving during the season we go through turbulent times. In the last game we did well, but we must continue to work and minimize errors," he detailed.

The Brazilian has rejected assess his career in front of the goal of Valencia until end of season because "a lot and has regular goalie life is ups and downs, we must be prepared for a good regularity."