19 February 2012

Diego Alves: "There is a trick to to stop him a penalty by Messi"

Overcome some discomfort and if Unai Emery remains in the ownership, Diego Alves (Río de Janeiro, 24.06.1985) back today to extend the mittens to try to stop Barça. Valencia have not won at the azulgrana or the game of the first round of la Liga or in the two semifinals of la Copa The Brazilian goalkeeper is confident that this time will be different and keep out Messi, who is I stopped everything in la Copa, even a penalty.

Again a Barça-Valencia, the fourth of this season.

Let's see if we win this time. We could use.

Can you draw any conclusions from the previous three?

That against Barça is very difficult to raise the match. It has a high possession of the ball, very good players who know what they do and always create chances. But it will be different from the others. All games are different.

In la Copa, at the Camp Nou, planted face.

Yes, I play one on one and not easy to do in their stadium. And yet it was insufficient. I hope this time is different and we win.

Say it is not the same Barça ...

Some people have the idea that is wrong, but Leverkusen have shown the opposite. Barça has a unique style and although it has had injuries and all, is the best in the world.

But the League is the leader in Madrid.

Madrid is the only approach that has achieved but Barça still playing at a very high level and it is difficult to beat. I love to see them play. La Liga is not over.

Some teams have earned them.

What happens is that they know more, we know how to push them and where to attack.

Barça, Madrid ... and Valencia, the leader of the other league.

Our goal is to win games and be as close as we can Barça and second place. We must go a step further and at the Camp Nou can.

They played the Europa League on Thursday. We hear complaints about the limited time frame.

Of course we are tired but there is calendar. No excuses are worth.

Lately you have taken with Messi, stop it all.

Every day is different. I've stopped, it is true, but I have checked.

I remember that hat trick in a 0-8 at Almeria.

We are not out anything. It was terrible.

He saved a penalty to Leo in la Copa. Tell me the trick during the game if there is another. I will not tell the Argentinean.

(Laughter) No, no trick. I do deep studies of the players who throw a penalty. Choose an option, I have intuition and luck. A Messi need not study him. We see him every hour, every day. Fail or not is the best in the world.

Lucky? But if you have been issued 19 penalties, has stopped 11 and have thrown two out.

It kept small penalties. I try to be quiet. I look at the movement of a player before hitting the ball and try to anticipate. I move from one side to another to cause him to throw from where I shot. And that's it. I grew up with this facility.

Luck and faith.

I am a strong believer but I have faith. Wear gloves drawn in Virgen Aparecida. In the top or palm, it depends.Ah! And sometimes in the big toe.

Messi said something after to stop him the last.

No. We said hello and nothing else.

When you see Messi running fast what comes to mind?

I look and think. 'must stop', that the defense is very together and leave no spaces. Has many resources and many ways to score.

Are smarting from the Copa?

Everyone saw what happened with the hand of Pinto. We do not know what had happened to him expelled. In football there is always controversy.

You are a reference on penalties And Víctor Valdés?

It's spectacular. Play very well and not just stopping balls. It has great difficulty their game with your feet when you are depressed. It has also been crucial stops that saved the Barça. This and other years.

Is in the selection, as you would with Brazil. What are your personal goals?

I have 26 years and want to continue growing. Consistency counts for a lot and life of a goalkeeper is checkered, you should be prepared for a good regularity. My dream would be a champion of everything.

How do you see Guardiola and Emery?

Guardiola is amazing. He has grown a lot as a coach. Has managed to make the best of Barça and is a righteous person. Unai is a hard worker, has found its space. It has a great personality and successes.

"There I attended the rumors about Barça"
A few summers while still in Almeria and after the first year of Pep Guardiola on the bench of the Camp Nou, the name of Diego Alves sounded to reinforce the goal of Barça. Valencia goalkeeper heard the news but do not take the hint. "Yes, I heard rumors but did not pay much attention," he says. The Brazilian says that "one Barça's turned to me at any time, so it was not worth paying attention." And just saying that "I am very happy at Valencia". (via MD)