29 February 2012

Del Bosque: "I look forward to Real Madrid and Barça reach final Champions"

Vicente Del Bosque, Spanish coach, brought the good of Spanish football at club level that the Spanish team, to ensure that it is "looking forward to Real Madrid and Barcelona reach the Champions League final," although disruptive to the concentration prior to Euro .

The chances of repeating Barcelona in the Champions League title, cause the date of the Copa del Rey final point to May 25, five days after the Spanish that focus on La Ciudad del Fútbol. Del Bosque is facing a problem and prepare a list of extra players to strengthen the many absences of players from FC Barcelona set over Athletic Club de Bilbao.

"If it comes to Barcelona in the Champions League final can not play five days before the Copa final I have not participated in that case but has long been talked about the possibility of playing on 20, but depends on the draw Champions League semi-finals and can not wait. A final of Copa process takes places, stage and cities. it's a mess, "admitted Del Bosque.

"What I'm looking forward to is that Real Madrid and Barcelona reach the Champions League final. Seek from our first day in the best position to reach the Euro and never hear me complain about inadequate concentration," he added.

The Spanish coach sees no evil in the clubs and resigns himself to the lack of dates in the calendar. "We all care for the selection, the clubs have their competitions."

"I would prefer to have more time but everything is very tight. There are clubs that can play Champions League final and the timing is impossible. No one is against the selection. We must be in that job boom stage. Dutifully not be aid selection but collaborate on aid. And the clubs try to do, "he said. (via MD)