03 February 2012

Cuenca - Tello: Two that they step strong

Now deluxe reinforcements of Pep, both had to leave to be able to return.
Cuenca's idol is Michael Jordan, Tello was inspired by Saviola, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo.

Isaac Cuenca and Cristian Tello , the last two discoveries of Pep Guardiola , have followed parallel paths down to touch the top of the first team. The first, born in Reus on April 27, 1991, debuted at Barcelona on 10 October last year against Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League, when he replaced Villa in the 87th minute.

The second, born in Sabadell on August 11, 1991, he did only 20 days as a starter in the Copa del Rey against L'Hospitalet in Feixa Llarga. Both belong to the generation of Thiago Alcantara, but unlike the Spanish-Brazilian, who has been climbing from the lower grades, both Cuenca and Tello were the first to leave Barca and then come back and fulfill his dream.

The Reus left loan the last season to Sabadell and the beginning of this, although it did not come much Eusebio plans to act on the B, Pep-which had good reports of his from his friend gave Carreras-Lluís the alternative and established him in the first team following Villa's injury. Tello, meanwhile, came into Barça with 10 years from the equipment in his neighborhood-the-Rull Can-fry shone as being the top scorer trophy Maspalomas in 2003 - and cadet, but stalled as a junior. That's when Barça decided to first transferring it to the Damm and then not renew. No contract, Tello tried his luck at Espanyol, where he returned to dawn, to the extent that Pochettino have offered information about the first team when it comes time to renew the contract. Tello welcomes the proposal but would rather return to Barca, even knowing that will have to win a seat from the subsidiary. On November 9, dreamed would come his debut at the Camp Nou: two goals and assist in the match against Hospi. Following there, and given the losses that have accumulated then to Guardiola , Tello has earned a place among the elderly.

While Cuenca opened last Wednesday dorsal '23' in honor of his idol Michael Jordan , just after signing his contract with the first team, Tello was inspired as a child in Saviola, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo. (via MD)