28 February 2012

The Cope recognizes his mistake and will pay € 200,000 to Barça

"Such information has proven to be untrue."
The Cope acknowledges that the information came from a source not verified.

Just the day before the hearing that must take place on Tuesday in court following the lawsuit filed by Barça to the Cope with "unlawful interference with the right of honor", derived from the statements made from the microphones episcopal chain that linked to Barça with doping practices, the Cope has issued the following statement, which faithfully reproduce:

"In relation to the news broadcast on March 13, 2011 During 'The Match of the 12' from the microphones of the Cadena COPE, by Mr. Alcalá, FC Barcelona regarding both this medium as the above journalist want to make public such information has proven to be truthful and not from a source not verified, so it is recognized that there was a trespass law to honor the said Club and for whose compensation, COPE and Mr. Alcala are smoothed in part to the claims made ​​by FC Barcelona and exercised in the Court of 1st Instance number 34 of Barcelona, ​​Car 670/2011, and declare that in the next 48 hours proceed to record in that procedure, the amount of 200,000 euros they value the damages caused. " (via MD)