03 February 2012

Contact with Bale

Coahing staff consider him a crack and are convinced that the style would fit no problem blaugrana.

The market offers few jewels. The number of cracks that circulates throughout the football firmament is very small, barely a select group of stars that attracts the attention of big time. One of the names generated by full consensus is Gareth Bale. No one disputes that in his position, throughout the entire left wing, is number one, the better. Tottenham understands this and takes a couple of seasons, slowing the release of their franchise player. Today, not more than 50 million that Chelsea made hard cash last summer, have changed their opinion to the London club. Perhaps because of this, through various spokespersons and representatives, have not tired of repeating the last few weeks that the starting price of the Welsh international is estimated at 180 million euros. An outrage that ridicules the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid.

The name of Barça has associated to Bale in a recurrent way. The British press, lover of all kinds of speculation, has insisted that the club blaugrana closely follows any news concerning the versatile player. And this time it's true. SPORT has confirmed that Andoni Zubizarreta has directed the first approach contacts personally with Tottenham, Gareth Bale and his environment. Phone calls, trips to London and meetings have served to position the club Catalans as a serious contender to host the soccer player in the event that the Welsh want to leave White Hart Lane.

According to this wording has had access, the athletic director ordered to move the first tab once the season. It was a simple phone conversation presentation mode should be used to build the bridges necessary for a formal meeting. It was mid-October. Weeks later, during the month of November, Zubizarreta led a very small delegation that traveled to London to maintain at least a couple of momentous events. The first face to face with senior executives of Tottenham. Very little has transcended the game and the club is aware that the output of Bale is very complicated. There is no willingness to negotiate and the entity known as English is not burdened by doing the economic situation.

But on this trip, the really relevant was a parallel meeting with representatives of the firm Stellar Group, responsible for managing the future of Bale. Zubizarreta traveled with an obsession: to know first hand if Gareth Bale has a real desire to leave Tottenham and if the work would be signing for Barcelona. Two main purposes have been essential in negotiations with Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez. These same sources have merely pointed out that Bale welcomes his arrival at Camp Nou but it is unclear whether a hypothetical bid would assert his strength to swing the balance in favor of the final bid FC Barcelona.

Zubizarreta know directly, and it confirmed Tottenham executives, which at the very time that Welsh officially leave the market, appear at least five to six deals with dizzying figures. Amounts in excess of 50 million euros that the club will not be able to match. Only the direct pressure of the player that the proposal would Blaugrana serious fight with options to achieve your goal. In the background is a similar strategy was critical to stop Arsenal Cesc out and closed the transfer of Udinese Alexis Barca at the expense of much higher offers from the Premier League.

The club will wait. After securing the renewal of Abidal, Guardiola has the backs well covered. The coach is aware of all movements and is one of the greatest guarantors of the operation. Bale turns 23 this summer, has spent several seasons in the Premier League elite and versatility fits like a glove to the game system Blaugrana. With the departure of Maxwell, the team has a vacancy on the left.

Zubizarreta has handled all contacts with the utmost secrecy. The company boasts the most complicated and is by all means stay away from a negotiation to multiple bands with clubs from the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea or even Real Madrid, among others. And that is all white, without so many punches, has officially notified that the checkbook is about to enter the fray. As stated by Peppino Pirri, an agent who claims to have rights of Bale in the Italian market and has no qualms in saying that Madrid and a pair of brackets transalpine Juventus and Inter are you ready to seduce the Tottenham.

Bale is silent and does not comment publicly. Unless shown flattered by the interest of the `large businesses, has not said whether his future is in the Premier, or jump to the mainland. The player feels attached to Tottenham, the club reached Southampton after paying 14 million euros, and will not play on their backs. (via SPORT)