25 February 2012

The Col legi of Journalists and the Federation of Unions of Journalists commented on the suspension of accreditation

Both organizations issued statements to the newspaper regarding the suspension of accreditation to Intereconomía by FC Barcelona.

The Col · legi of Journalists of Catalunya, FC Barcelona who referred the decision to withdraw accreditation to Intereconomia TV, recalled in a statement that the information must be "lawfully obtain."

Excerpt from the statement:

"The Col legi of Journalists rejects the fraudulent methods to get information. These bad practices discredit the practice of journalism that most information professionals strive to perform in an ethical and serious. We also regret that there are other people that lend themselves to collaborate with iletítimos methods of some journalists to get information at any price. Otherwise we can not admit that there are means to abuse reiteradmente of such fraudulent practices. "

For its part, the FeSP (Federation of Unions of Journalists), believes that FC Barcelona "will not be assuming attitudes that violate the right to inform."

So reads part of his statement:

"The Federation of Unions of Journalists (FeSP) can not but regret that such decisions are taken too often by sports clubs and other associations that are considered validated to place limits on freedom of information for disagreeing with the approach certain means.

The thought FeSP malpractice that allegedly incurred 'Intereconomía TV'-to be reprehensible and unacceptable, does not justify the decision of the club, let alone that this is considered capable of elucidating on the implementation of the ethical responsibilities of journalists. " (via SPORT)