09 February 2012

Clemente: "Messi is a squad quotes. They signed the best child of Argentina"

Javier Clemente has become a liar. True to form leaves no stone cold ...

Javier Clemente has given an interview to the magazine Sport Quality. And as usual it is clear that not all is well, all criticism and everything looks bad.

Considering its fixation with Barça, the first little message it sends to those who think that Messi is Barcelona youth player. "Messi is quoted squad. Ficharn the best child of all Argentina. Not have done player. Messi was Messi and have polished."

Of course, neither Pep Guardiola is very fond of the Barakaldo. "Guardiola is not the best coach in the world. It is the most won. I do not like football when the ball holds. The quality of the coach is the same as being up or down, win or lose does not make you good or bad. The qualifiers are things of the press. " That if admirque Barca is the only team that "knows how to play well to the touch. The rest are dangerous imitations."

But not only Barça is in the crosshairs of Javier Clemente. At Madrid also plays. "In Madrid we are envious. Also in Pamplona and San Sebastian. Everywhere would like to have local players." And Cristiano Ronaldo does not escape criticism. "It's not old enough to learn. With 13 years will someday have to be sent home."

Clement recalls that whenever in his opinion, of course modest, he served several years as the number one and your selection was better than Del Bosque. And, finally, memories for Athletic and current coach Marcelo Bielsa. "Bielsa is not God. With it, the team has not gone forward. We have not won anything. Not much has changed like that. There are games that play to play it and others in length. I would not have signed, would have chosen a Basque technical. " All you have to look good is Basque Athletic policy of signing only players home. "I will die without seeing a stranger in the Athletic. If I see it, I'll go to San Mamés and I'll be at the head of those who eat the president." (via SPORT)