28 February 2012

Clemente: "Barça and Madrid ye are two of a kind"

Javier Clemente believes that FC Barcelona has no reason to complain about the refereeing this season.

Sporting the new coach does not think the colleges are hurting the azulgranas, in favor of Madrid. "Real and Barça ye are a kind. What the 'villarato' from Madrid last year and it seemed ridiculous to me this year, too," said Clemente told RAC-1.

"Many of the things said are absurd. Referees make mistakes and more favorable to large, which makes sense because they are the teams that attack. Sometimes people lose out too. And when it happens, is said to favor other. This is the roll of the football, "he added.

Clemente will visit Camp Nou on Saturday in front of all Asturias. A match in which Barça will be without Messi through suspension. "Messi is the best in the world, but you replace someone of the highest quality. Barça's potential is very high. Will be a tough game, but we have our chances. We can not think that Barça is invincible," he said.

Basque coach spared no praise for Pep Guardiola, who had his orders in his time as Spanish coach: "I respect very much Mourinho, but I am from Pep. I had him six years in the selection, asked me to strive to and did, I am very grateful and will always defend it. "

Clemente is taken with skepticism the words of the barcelonista coach, who despite winning by 1-2 at the Calderón on Sunday was assumed that Barça will not win the league: "Knowing is a phrase thrown forward, certainly talk to within with his people and tell them to trust them. what he is saying is that just do not win la Liga because Madrid is not going to lose. But it is a phrase loser because Pep is not, "he said.

Sporting coach also intervened in the controversy over the impunity that the Madridistas Pepe and Sergio Ramos are having this season despite their harsh entries: "Their actions are punishable, and if the referee saw it, should be punished. But sometimes it difficult to see. for the improvement of football should automatically enter the competition committee. doing so would end with this type of violent game. And it should automatically go to those who become the 'dead', or that are thrown in the area. to this should not stop play in five games. to those who are dead, ten. And those that attack, too, "he suggested.

"I agree that players like Ramos and Pepe are very dangerous. Barcelona's not a hard kick. I really admire Puyol. Come in and gives strong, but also accepts when given. Is noble. But there are also some that panderetero pulling more than they should, making the Berber. not give names. Carles Puyol is a man, and honest, an example for Pepe and Sergio Ramos, "he added. (via SPORT)