16 February 2012

The Chilean press, entranced by Alexis

The Chilean media spared no praise when Alexis Sanchez highlight as the main star of the Barca win against Bayer.

"Europe is back to tip the boy wonder," read the front page of Wednesday Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, which claimed that the 'tocopillano' "had the right recipe for problems of Barca."

In the same vein valued victory Pep Guardiola 'La Tercera', another of the rotating leader of Chile. A newspaper which qualifies the party on Tuesday as "the evening of consecration" of Alexis Sánchez, who qualify as "exclusive figure of mourning." And is that the two goals from Barca "echoed in the world", according to this newspaper.

On the other hand, the web 'Radio Cooperative' also notes that the Barça forward is the third Chilean brand in European competition. "Alexis Sánchez genius and figure" in the chronicle titled hereby Chile.

Finally, 'Radio Agriculture' also ensures that the Barca striker "striker showed his skills as" the day he scored his first two goals in the Champions League, and that "Barça never lost his competitive nature." (via SPORT)