24 February 2012

Chilavert: "Tell to Valdés you are the best in the world"

José Luis Chilavert, one of the legendary goalkeeper in football history, has come out in defense of Víctor Valdés.

On Tuesday, Diego Armando Maradona said: "Valdés is bad, but has such good players at his side that looks good." And this Thursday has been one of the greatest goalkeepers in the historyJosé Luis Chilavert who has defended the barcelonista goalkeeper. "Tell to Victor Valdes not pay any attention to why Maradona knows nothing about football, Valdes is the best in the world."

Chilavert was speaking to the program Sergi Mas Mas Esports, Com Ràdio. Furthermore, she added that "Víctor Valdés for me is the best in the world. The ability of the management and reassurance you need a computer and transmits it when Barça needed." And to defend Valdés, Chilavert also speaks very clearly about Maradona. "In football he knows nothing. The players, the important references in the world need not look far into the drug. He has done great damage to soccer. To have spoken ill of Papa Juan Paul II, for this is in exile in the UAE ".

But not merely of Valdés has spoken Paraguayan. Pep Guardiola and also of possible substitutes in the future on the bench for Barça. "I would love to continue Guardiola for Barcelona to see why you enjoy. I do not miss any match of Barcelona. Guardiola has already entered history as one of the best in the world, knows the best out of each of his players ". What if he goes? "Marcelo Bielsa is qualified to coach Barcelona, ​​has all the conditions. It is a great coach"

Messi also takes Chilavert acclaim. "Messi is the best, is better than Maradona. With age he has now Messi, Maradona did not win even 1% of what Messi has won. And Messi still going to keep growing. It's the best player in the world, I have never known a speed player who is already thinking about the definition. I've only seen the play station. it is a privilege to see play Messi and Barcelona. " (via SPORT)