25 February 2012

'Checho' Batista: "I wish I could train to Barcelona"

Sergio Batista, the former Argentina coach COMRàdio expressed his desire to coach at FC Barcelona.

Former Argentina coach Sergio "Checho" Batista has spoken at the program "Mas Esports' of COMRàdio and expressed his desire to lead one day to Leo Messi at FC Barcelona:" I wish I could train to Barcelona, ​​Messi wish I could lead the Barcelona. ""One always feels willing and able to lead a team like Barcelona," he added.

He also expressed hope that Pep Guardiola's Barça continue to face: "I would like to follow Guardiola why I'm making love with football."

"Football has to play like Barcelona does, I'm a big fan of Barcelona. I do not miss any match of Barcelona," said Batista. The figure glossed exseleccionado Guardiola: "Guardiola is one of the best coaches of football history, has proven in the field." "Guardiola showed it all, a great coach and I would like to stay at Barcelona," he added. (via SPORT)