24 February 2012

Cesc: "What did come was worth it"

Cesc Fàbregas was on Monday and Tuesday in London off and on yesterday, after a photo shoot with Puma, MD attended without watching the clock. He did two days before their first live Atletico- Barça at the Calderón.

If you win on Sunday, you still can dream of la Liga?

Cesc Fabregas (CF): I think so. Dreaming is free and with this team even more. We are at the peak of the season to go to Calderón and play against anyone. The shield of Barça forced to play flat out to win as much. If we continue like we have much to say.

Do arbitrations have been instrumental in the 10 point deficit?

CF: Do not want to get into the issue because then there are misunderstandings.

Did not you go good to not talk about the referees?

CF: Maybe yes or no but this club and the coach have acted in this way and we must continue with these values. There are others who should see it or decide on it. We play and win.

You received a hard entry Marcelo and Pepe nudged ...

CF: It's football. Do not worry. There is a committee should value it

and if it does or not is your problem.

Cesc coincided with Mourinho in the Premiership. Have you gone to more pressure on the referees?

CF: When you mean something you said without hiding.

Do you think that is doing well?

CF: There's everything but each one it is. Pep and Mourinho are different at all, but you have to respect everyone.

Can you imagine a coach waiting for a Premier League referee in the parking?

CF: I had not seen before. I do not know how it happened but in England everyone is trying to respect the referees.

Did he cry when he lost the Champions League against Barça?

CF: I was sad but did not cry.

And with another defeat of Arsenal?

CF: I do not remember. Yes I cried after losing in the World-2006 to France.

Have you made any promises if he wins the Champions League in Munich?

CF: No, I see far. My mates do arrive and are used to make bets, but I have often dreamed of winning the Champions League.

The English honor is in the hands of Chelsea and can fall over 'coconut'.

CF: Yes, there are strong rivals are falling, but do not underestimate anybody. Madrid will be there, also Milan. And Chelsea is not dead.

El Madrid, does better than two parties?

CF: I do not know. Do not take so long to put here. It is very relative. Sometimes you get a great match in one.

Why should renew Guardiola?

CF: Because it's the best for the job, has made ​​this team is the group who believe, do not see anyone else in his position and because the whole team loves him very much.

Did you ever see in England?

CF: Why not? Sure. He is very young and all that has already achieved is brutal. There will be a lifetime here.

Did you come to Barcelona because it was him?

CF: The main reason was because it was the club. Among the others, it is clear that by the coach. Before coming, I talked a lot with him and I do remember that I said, 'Pep, I hope you stay many years. "

And then let him calm Pep?

CF: Yeah, but said that the club would always be the club. True, but it is clear that Barça with Guardiola is always better than Barça without Guardiola.

Would you sign him before Pep said how he wanted to play here?

CF: Never. Tactics, nothing. It gave me great confidence and I learned that a man of his word. By not signing after the World Cup, that stuck with me. Although there have been ever, I was left with the feeling of being in front of a great person.

Does it change score as many goals to be better comointerior?

CF: Whenever I need to improve but in the last three or four games I felt very good. Against Valencia played my best game with the club.

Do you feel better in the 3-4-3?

CF: At the beginning helped me to play 3-4-3 Arsenal being more similar to above with Leo, but in recent games, with 4-3-3, I'm feeling good. In Leverkusen glad I went. Alves was up and I had left behind. People think it's easy but in the Arsenal playing different and I look better tactically and not see.

Shoots from outside the area less than the Arsenal ...

CF: It's true, sometimes the fear that is the Nou Camp and you can whistle if Shiites and going out. I will after the first year. I'll get more confidence.

Do you feel privileged?

CF: Yeah. I always say.

Are they just the five million who resigned from his salary?

CF: I do not know. Everything done to be able to come and what I have helped Barça the coach, the president and my colleagues has been worthwhile.

Did it hurt that her whistling Nou Camp playing with Arsenal?

CF: No, I just thought that was bundled in wanting to play without being quite right.

Does media interviews took their toll in Madrid years ago?

CF: It was with the selection and on the covers I painted little. I never said anything, the answers were political and have always been good at all. When the Madrid has spoken to me, has been good for me to be much of Barça and for that I will respect.

In his presentation talked about the exciting challenge of his life. Are the goals nullified the initial pressure?

CF: It helped me to get by. The first year is very difficult. I lived at Arsenal with many signings. While I was here, this boat is highly mechanized, well researched and well-done and get into this team is very sketchy, but everything went well and I am very happy and content.

Robin van Persie What do you say?

CF: I talk to him but not of Barça.

Would you be better off Barcelona or Madrid?

CF: It's played for Arsenal, known best for him and wish him all the luck with the decision you make.

And Arshavin asked about Barça?

CF: Yes, I was a fan of Barca before going to Arsenal. I always said so. (via MD)