28 February 2012

Cesc: "Now our priority is the Champions"

The azulgrana states that "in the locker room think Guardiola will renew."
"We believe in the referees a hundred percent," he assured the Arenys.

Cesc Fàbregas believes that Barça priority right now, being ten points behind Real Madrid, is to focus on the Champions League. "La Liga is very complicated, but we'll see what happens. Our first priority is the Champions League," said the midfielder told radiolabel.

The Arenys, concentrated with the Spanish in Madrid, added on options for the azulgrana in La Liga that "we have the shield of the boat and it does not we can never pay."

On the intense debate that exists after the arbitration proceedings on the final day, Cesc Fàbregas has said that "we believe in the referees a hundred percent." "Being a referee is very complicated and we must be honest and let them work quietly and without much pressure," he added.

The '4' Barça also spoke about his coach, Pep Guardiola, and possible renewal: "In the locker room think Pep will follow. We strongly believe in him and we love, is the ideal person for this project" . "Being a Barca coach burning, since the charge carries a lot of pressure and hard work, but we have that inner peace that will follow," he explained. (via MD)