24 February 2012

Cesc: "My parents are less than in London"

Cesc is happy with his new life in Barcelona after eight years.
Messi when he arrived: It was time. We are tired of seeing only in the newspapers?

Much time has passed since that September 15, 2003 in which, with 16 and MD as a witness, Cesc Fàbregas left Barcelona to start an adventure in the Arsenal did not know how it would work.

Cesc flew alone to London, without the company of his mother, and eight years later, has returned to the club that was formed and in which you always wanted to succeed: FC Barcelona. As usual, the adaptation has been very rapid, non-existent, as it has gone home.

So comfortable it feels Arenys in their new life in Barcelona that much of her time is spent immersed in their work with their teammates or friends of a lifetime. To the extent that, as the same player says, "My parents tell me they see me less here than in London."

One of the most amusing anecdotes of his return was when Leo Messi saw him in the locker room and said, "It was time. We are tired of seeing you for two years in the newspapers. "Cesc enjoys every morning to train with Barça which he considers a big family. "I explain but because people do not, they think they exaggerate. But we are a family where you feel at home. We are friends with the aim of winning. We fight for each other. "

The Arenys comments that "Puyol and Xavi saw the first exit to training is brutal. I always feel like work. As for his friendship with Piqué and Puyol said that "the three are quite different. 'Puyi' and I are more similar, Piqué is happier life. "

Not in Arenys but does so in the upper part of Barcelona. From there it goes every morning to train. Make a specific plan to the letter to prevent muscle injuries and when he returns home, takes to bed. Recognizes that sleeps nine hours at night and two nap.

It also plays to play and see a lot of football, especially Arsenal. Last week, without going any further, he visited his former teammates in London. He saw Wenger, whom he admires, and they wished luck. This is your life. (via MD)