21 February 2012

Busquets: "The coach knows we are hungry"

One of the most positive aspects of Barcelona last Sunday was the insistence on squeezing the ball out of Valencia. You returned to be incisive in that respect they seemed to have lost.

Sergio Busquets: We know that if pressed above rivals come to us unless our goal while we create more chances. Sometimes things end up going well and that is the way forward.

After the good game and the win at Valencia, were you given to understand that this team Guardiola still want to increase the curriculum at the group level?

SB: We know a lot, both him and us it to us. Know that we are really hungry to get important things and we strive to be the first day.

Nevertheless, what is clear is that the League is still very complicated. Follow the 10-points gap with Real Madrid but with a day less.

SB: Bueno. We know that we let the league points for a number of things, but we will fight to the end. We all have very clear.

Did your injury is good now is cooler?

SB: No positive readings when you have to stop. You lose games you can not help the team as you like. We have the body used to playing every three days and would have preferred to be in everything.

The reaction against Valencia was very good.

SB: Complete and we knew we trace the own goal. We had a hard time killing the game, but we show that we again have opportunities. (via AS)