20 February 2012

The best and the worst of the Barca-Valencia

BEST: Great Leo, great Barça. Pep Guardiola's team was again the usual. As if losing to Osasuna had been a temporary flu, the Catalans treated to a performance worthy of his best nights. It had a lot to see Leo Messi. Argentinean regained the smile, and again the unstoppable scorer and insatiable to whom nothing can make defenses. His four goals knocked to Valencia who paid the thud duck suffered at the Reyno de Navarra.

WORST: Occasions failed. Messi scored a ’poker' goal and Barça reached the' little hand '. But if they had been twice, nobody would have missed. Barça spared countless times very clear. A bad campaign virtually endemic. Cesc, Pedro, Alexis and company may have put the boots. But it was not. Guardiola has already said, jokingly, after the game: "We seem determined to help the porters rivals to renew their contracts." Diego Alves did more than enough to merit it. (via SPORT)