27 February 2012

The best and worst of Atlético-Barça

BEST: The entire credibility of the world. The ten points that Real Madrid has over the Barça did not fairly reflect the difference between azulgranas and whites in this league. The bad luck at times, lack of sight, and over a refereeing decision has deprived Guardiola classification of a fair and consistent with reality. But still, there is hope. Because the way to win one of the most formidable rival in the championship, and on stage where they did, gives all the credit. You can still dream.

WORST: defensive forgetfulness. Barça managed a convincing win at the Calderón, although their precise defensive forgetfulness almost cost were very expensive. A failure at the exit of a corner led to the equalizer of Falcao. And, not for Valdés-saving two in the final minutes paradones-la Liga and would be lost. And that, after making another great game, it would have been another undeserved punishment. (via SPORT)