08 February 2012

Benitez prefiere the Guardiola before Mourinho

The Spanish coach, recently linked with Real Madrid, praised and wagered on the Barca coach at the expense of Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson.

The coach Rafa Benitez, currently without a club after brief tour with Inter Milan in the 2010-11 season, Pep Guardiola praised, coach of FC Barcelona in a statement in which he placed at Santpedor over Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho the Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

In an extensive interview with 'El Gráfico', Benítez didn't hide when showing its preferences in the face of the possibility of decanting for one of the mentioned coaches - Guardiola, Mourinho and Ferguson -.

"It's hard, but not to evade the question, I say that I've always liked more the peculiar way of interpreting football, environment and life itself, which is Pep Guardiola," admitted extécnico Inter, Liverpool and Valencia among others.

Benitez also acknowledged the merit of Guardiola at the controls of FC Barcelona. "He has a lot of merit. I believe that their biggest virtue has been to know how to give continuity to the project. To arrive is not as complicated as to stay, he commented, eulogizing the trajectory of the coach of Santpedor in Can Barça.

"You can win one day, but almost always win and win it all ... That has to be by force, merit of the father of the child, the ideologue of the project," he added.

In the case of an interview in 'El Gráfico', could not get around the questions related to the selection albiceleste and its natural leader, Leo Messi Barca, which Benitez praised his role in the national team. "The environment of Barcelona is very favorable to him, is very comfortable. In Argentina it is expected therefore, so many expectations and pressure, the worst that pays below its average level in the culture broth "he said.

"In Barcelona knows it is absolutely crucial and everyone trusts him. Feel loved and played with less pressure. He is a great footballer. His humility can also be key to staying at the highest level for many years. He is a exceptional player and most exciting is the future that lies ahead, "said Benitez on the crack of Barça. (via SPORT)