25 February 2012

Barca withdrew accreditation to Punto Pelota until public apology

Barça has denounced Punto Pelota before the Col · legi of Journalists de Catalunya for "violating the code of ethics" and "damage the image of our institution." The club azulgrana has also decided to suspend "the use of press passes that give access to the facilities" to Intereconomia TV Club just how he had advanced Mundo Deportivo.

"FC Barcelona has brought to the attention the Col · legi of Journalists of Catalunya practices that I've actually used the program Punto Pelota de Intereconomía TV, as the club believes that violate the code of ethics the Col · legi's image and damage our institution.

Later, FC Barcelona has suspended the use of media accreditation for TV Intereconomía giving access to the facilities of our Club, until it is restored from prejudice to its image with a public apology and stated in writing that these practices not repeat again.

FC Barcelona respects and informative editorial content in any medium, provided it does not violate the declaration of principles of journalism code of ethics contained in the Col · legid of Journalists of Catalunya ".

Meanwhile, Intereconomia TV program, has published on its website and in its official Twitter account a letter in which he says that "Barça censorship freedom of speech a violation of fundamental rights of the Spanish Constitution." (via MD)

[Barça withdrew accreditation to 'PuntoPelota']
FC Barcelona official made ​​a statement in which he announced that press accreditation withdrawn Intereconomia TV up to replenish the damage to the club with a public apology and to ensure that the latest actions are not repeated.

'PuntoPelota' and Intereconomía TV have been punished for FC Barcelona and will not have credentials to access the club.

Barça made ​​official his decision in a statement announcing that the situation will remain until the club is not recovered from the injury suffered in his image with a public apology and stated in writing that the past practices are not repeated again.

The filming of images of leaders of Barça in the show 'Estrelles del Futbol Català' with Miguel Garcia, president of L'Hospitalet, as a reporter 'infiltrated' trying to extract information and try to read the lips of coaching Barca in the final open training were the drops that filled the cup of patience of the directive.

Barça confirmed that informed the 'Col legi de Periodistes de Catalunya' the latest practices Intereconomía TV program, considering that "violate the code of ethics of the school and damage the image of our institution." (via SPORT)