23 February 2012

Barça, with three quarters of home team

Relying on that canteranos already there and the four amounting, in the 2012-2013 staff have 17 players from the cantera.

Barça to the sporting and Pep Guardiola being designed for the 2012-2013 season, whether or not Santpedor coach will have a Catalan accent. The promotions of four to five team players complete one of the templates more canteranas of history. Should go back to the 1995-1996 campaign, with Johan Cruyff on the bench, to find a similar percentage to the current. Then the 'skinny' came to have 20 home (66.6%) in a costume that was enlarged to 30. Frank Rijkaard, in 2005-2006, turned to 17 players formed at the lower (56.6%) out of 30 also. Depending on the casualties and considering that not a lover of long templates, Pep would have 17 players out of 25, which could approach 70%, no less than three quarters of a team which will be branded 'La Masia'.

Four of the B contract will go to the first team. They are Martín Montoya, Marc Bartra and Marc Muniesa, three defenders, and Jonathan dos Santos, a medium that will bend positions and Pep debuted. They could join Cristian Tello. The winger is causing a good impression on his breakthrough with the elderly. Have sufficed seven games, two starts, four goals and one assist to show that it gives rise vertigo.

The case is also Oier on the table, but would like Champions letter. Pep takes time mulling over the need to have three goalkeepers. Renovated Pinto and Valdés of the regular missing a third. Watched last season to sign one, even negotiated with Andrada (Lanus), but the budget will go this time reinforcements to other positions. Oier would go up and come down.

This landing will add to that produced this year with Cesc, Fontàs, Cuenca and Thiago and base of the team that has won everything: Valdés, Xavi, Puyol, Busquets, Iniesta, Messi, Pique and Pedro. The dream of a 'eleven' home is getting closer.

With Pep at the helm, the company is more than likely. At its premiere, in 2008-2009, had a staff of 21 players, 10 of them from home. In 2009-10 were 9, 20. In the next, 2010-11, had one more, 10, 20 and the current are 11, 21. (via MD)