17 February 2012

Meal of the team staff of Barcelona for group

The staff of FC Barcelona, ​​with all players and coaching staff except for Guardiola, met Thursday at the El Emperador Restaurant, located at the port of Barcelona, ​​to hold a fellowship meal for the face averted the final stretch of the season.

The event, which was held after the morning training, have attended all team players and most of the coaching staff. Notably absent from the food has been Pep Guardiola, who has missed the speeches and harangues that some players have been released between courses, amid a great atmosphere of camaraderie and very distentido.

Not the first time meets the Barça squad this season around the table, and is common Guardiola himself such banquets organized in order to join the group and gain strength to face the decisive stage of the competitions in a season that has become very difficult in the league, and in which Barcelona will try to defend their Champions title and win the Copa del Rey in the final against Athletic. (via AS)