16 February 2012

Barça-COPE: no extrajudicial agreement

The cadena COPE and the entity Barça held talks to set compensation and leave the contentious issue settled.

The cadena COPE (Radio Popular SA) tried unsuccessfully to reach an extrajudicial agreement with FC Barcelona for the institution to withdraw the claim that Barça brought him last April for "trespass on the right of honor." A lawsuit in which the club azulgrana sought compensation of 6,190,090 euros "in accordance with the evaluation criteria used to quantify such damage."

The COPE's legal department contacted with FC Barcelona to try to fix financial compensation, of course much smaller amount. The club azulgrana through emails and telephone conversations elctrónicos asked the defendant a time of reflection. According to SPORT is satisfied from the station of the Episcopal Conference it was believed that the process would be extended many years and that such claims judges often set almost symbolic compensation.

It was within the board of FC Barcelona, where, by consensus, the managers decided to go all the way because they understand that not only seeks monetary damages, especially to surface the truth on this very serious case of defamation. In the program 'El partido de las 12', the presenter said that Madrid would ask the RFEF stricter doping controls and accused doctors of Barça objectionable. Its source was senior Real Madrid. Next week will be the preview. No Compromise. (via SPORT)