06 February 2012

[Barça B] Tello, a discovery of the Can Rull arrived for 3.000 pesetas a month

Nico, a cazatelentos in the area, took him ten years to Barça. Despite always stress, has not lost the humility and true to his roots.

The residents of the neighborhoods of Cifuentes and Can Rull Sabadell has always followed developments with great hope Cristian Tello. His football fans for years began to suspect that in the not too distant could proudly boast of having a crack. As a child, had swelled to score goals in the Can Rull, later moved its effectiveness Barca, Espanyol and the lower echelons of the Spanish team into the last games in the player who has given it another go for the best team in the world.

Tello joined the six years Can Rull, where he stayed until ten. That's when a scout in the area, Nico, took him to Barça. As explained by the player himself years later in 'Diari de Sabadell', went charging 3,000 pesetas a month, student aid, and used the club cab to return home each day. To the technical staff blaugranas got their attention a striker and a very fast and extremely resolute. Can Rull President Romulo Tronchoni, Carlos Murciano, Cristian was remembered as an extraordinary level in the outfit led by Paco Herrera, a technician at the club. "There is always a game that stands Paco. They played against Vic Riuprimer and lost 5-0 at the break. At half time came he and Hector Garcia (now belonging to Sant Andreu) and won 5-6. Rival coach yelling at our bench: Remove this guy, please! ".

Cristian inherited the passion for football from his father. Murciano recalls as "Joaquin Tello was also front and played in Sabadell, Zaragoza and Valladolid.

He was also coach at the club. His family is very good people and the boy has come of them. " The player continues to live in Cifuentes, where, says the president of Can Rull, "maintains friendships forever and is very affectionate with everyone. When I met him down the street, I wonder if can come by the club and smiles. If we visit the most is for his shyness. I think he is ashamed to be the center of all this attention and signing autographs. "

The striker must get used to fame when his progression in the team follows the same path. The bullet is accelerating Cifuentes and neighborhoods prepare to enjoy for many years. (via SPORT)