12 February 2012

[Barça B] Muniesa: "Guardiola is relying on us"

"If they have trusted me - Muniesa has explained - I will try to give all that I have: effort, work, to learn of the best players in the world and to contribute my bit."

Barcelona defender Marc Muniesa, who next season will be part of the first team, has held the confidence of the coach of Barcelona. Josep Guardiola, in the young promises of La Masia and has recognized the "great challenge" that will be able to fulfill his childhood dream.

"The truth is that a dream is gradually coming true. I saw in the press that already announced (sporting director) Andoni Zubizarreta and am very happy that way. But now we must continue working with the reserves and Next year we'll see, "said the Catalan player.

International with the lower echelons of the Spanish team, Marc Muniesa (Lloret de Mar, Girona, 1992) came to Barca in the juvenile category, and his 17 years and 57 days, became the fourth youngest player to debut in the League in the club azulgrana, against Osasuna on May 23, 2009. It was a premiere either.

His first performance was recorded in the Camp Nou, as only lasted half an hour on the pitch. Eight minutes from time, an entry to rival earned him the red card, so that the player shot to applause went to him and boos from the crowd to what he considered an exaggerated decision of the arbitrator.

"If they have trusted me, explained Muniesa-try to give everything I have: stress, work, learn from the best players in the world and contribute my bit".

Although his contract expires in 2014, a provision thereof provides that the club would be free if you are not guaranteed in the first team back. Thus, it was two weeks ago when Muniesa knew the club's decision to promote him next year, alongside his fellow Jonathan Dos Santos, Marc Bartra and Martin Montoya.

"I was told to leave the Miniestadi and I took it very well, I was celebrating with family at dinner. But he would not give it more importance. Wanted to be quiet here (in the subsidiary), keep working," he acknowledged.

So far, not had chance to talk about Pep Guardiola will want what's it for next year, which certainly more than half the first team squad will come from the ranks of club which adds to the twenty-grown players have debuted under the command of technical almost four years.

"Guardiola is confident in all of us, it is showing," said. "I do not know how many we do not know if anyone else will go up or someone will leave, but in principle there will be many youth players and will be very nice."

And that is not afraid Muniesa the challenge is ahead. "Afraid? No, man. It's a dream since childhood. It is a challenge, a very big challenge. But we must seize the opportunities and the day you play to play, do my best," he asserted.

Central defender and side Muniesa noted for its output with the ball from behind, which this season has led him to act also as a defensive midfielder in the center of the field, to the lowest in the subsidiary in the last month and a half.

"I would not have thought of. But it is important to manage in different positions, because we have already seen that in the first team players are very versatile and that's important. I have to go on and where the coach put us, give answers," has been completed. (via AS)