12 February 2012

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week24] FC Barcelona B 4 - 0 FC Cartagena

Barça B adds his third consecutive victory in the Mini Stadium
1,563 spectators witnessed the match

With some of their best men in the first team, a new generation requests step in Barça B that led by the chispazos of Deulofeu and the talent of Rafinha, it sentenced this Saturday to a flimsy Cartagena, hurried by the descent.

For several days the casualties that hit the first team to undertake coach culé Eusebio Sacristan to make his scheme without some of its pillars. Far from being temporary, the club has already announced that Dos Santos , Montoya , Bartra and Muniesa will become members of the staff of Pep Guardiola in the next year, something that adds to the usual calls Tello and Sergi Roberto. There is a cyclical change in the subsidiary and to the Cartagena began to sense the future.

First Deulofeu, the irregular pearl of La Masia . Capaz to wreak havoc in the rival defense desaparecer then for the length during juego while. Gerard is pure and Spark of fogonazos vive. Back, as the previous two days: Huesca ago, the Lady in the extreme monopolizó from starting. On that occasion the play makes them the first goal thirty seconds opened the path to victory. This Saturday, just two minutes later in an excellent finiquitar contragolpe esquinado with a violent shot that pierces the squadron of Reina. Ready to desenlace repeat estuvo en hour, with an Auction from the vertex of another area that the cruceta Rozo.

Deulofeu, as fleeting as lethal, once again the protagonist in the second goal a minute before the break. Dropped a front kick from the evil Reina interrupted and Muniesa , courage, pushed on the goal line. Between flashes of Deulofeu stood another of the great assets of Barca tomorrow. More like his brother never Thiago, the smallest of the Alcantara was the pole star on which the whole universe unfolds Barca. The Cartagena tried, but just that. Nineteenth with 20 points in 23 days, his need led him to discuss the ball at any time Barca led by Lafuente, but without undue danger to the Oier goal in the first half. That led to impotence used with excessive harshness and load up with warnings that caught up with him then, as when Mariano was sent to see the second yellow in the absence of twenty minutes. Any hint of reaction was canceled. And while Oier demanded in the stretch, Rafinha and Deulofeu again them, killed any shock in two counterattacks in the addition.

Accumulates three consecutive wins at home Barca subsidiary. Three, the same days that bears the Cartagena with no points. The decline press , as well as the anxieties of the future stars Catalans to claim his new gal in the Miniestadi. (via MD)

[Match Data]
FC Barcelona B: Oier; Montoya, Armando, Bartra, Planas; Muniesa, Rafinha, Riverola (Espinosa, min.65); Tello, Femenía (Lobato, min.58) and Rodri (Dongou, min.85).

Cartagena: Reina; Gaspar, Abraham Paz, Josemi (Cleber, min.70), Kijera; Mariano Sánchez, Collantes, Álvaro (Dimas, min.57), Héctor Font (Raimondi, min.57), Lafuente; and Braulio.

Goals: 1-0, min.2: Deulofeu. 2-0, min.44: Muniesa. 3-0, min.90: Rafinha. 4-0, min.90+: Deulofeu.

Referee: Alfonso Pino Zamorano (associate Castilian-manchego). Admonished the local Rodri (min.48) and Braulio visitors (min.30), Lafuente (min.40), Hector Font (min.42), Alvaro (min.54), Dimas (min.78) and Kijera ( min.84), and drove for two bookings visitors Mariano Sanchez (min. 42 and 67).

Incidents: Encounter of the twenty-fourth day of Second Division, disputed in Miniestadi of FC Barcelona before 1.563 spectators.