08 February 2012

[Barça B] Espinosa, the 'another Iniesta' left La Masia

Not only is manchego, interior, has white skin and culé as Iniesta. It is also dedicated to 'wines'.

like wine. Rather, like the wine culture. In fact, proves little. And not just because he is a footballer and play for Barça B. But that has not prevented him to create a company dedicated to those 'wines' next to his brother Koke.

Javier Espinosa has said it has many parallels with Andres Iniesta both play at Barça, they do inside, have a privileged technique and a dynamic vision of the game and both are Mancha (Javier, Talavera de la Reina, Andres, Fuentealbilla). As if that were not enough, and share a fair complexion, the two are passionate about wine culture. While the hero of Stamford Bridge has created his own label, Espinosa has joined with his brother Koke and have done with the exclusivity of lugardelvino.com website for the province of Toledo. The older brother, who is 29, explains that "we are dedicated to small wineries, of great quality, with limited editions."

So far, only dedicated to the distribution and marketing products of high quality, rare in the market. No rule to step up later, since the family is an interesting project in the short, medium and long term. Although Barca B midfielder can not monitor the developments of the company, is a day of everything. His brother is the one who introduced gradually, in the culture of wine. Although he prefers to delegate Koke, since it is focused on continuing to grow as a player in the subsidiary Blaugrana. Last year was young and this season is having an irregular participation in Barca B, but, like good wine matures slowly. (via SPORT)