01 February 2012

[Barça B] Dongou: "I am excited and happy"

The African centre-forward, of only 16 years, enjoyed the Saturday of his first minutes in the silver division.

On Sunday, Jean Marie Dongou opened the scoring in the victory of the Juvenil A team that returned to Oscar Garcia to lead. Nothing remarkable: the African tip drill is fed up of goal in the División de Honor de juveniles and it's one of the names marked in red on the grassroots Blaugrana. The exceptional thing spent on Saturday, when Eusebio offered Dongou his first minutes in Second Division. He left in the 85 already substituting Rodri with the game resolved and was determined not only time to show their quality, but at only 16 years and has successfully completed one of his dreams, his debut with Barça B. "I am excited and happy to play with players bigger than me, was one of my dreams," said the African, the first player from Eto'o Foundation to reach the branch.

In the Juvenil, Dongou is now the top scorer did the category with 17 points and the subsidiary have opened the doors. The march of Swiss football Soriano and heavy casualties in the first team to allow you to have a chance. The player has promised to "work" and his coach, Oscar Garcia, and has given his blessing. "We are proud that young players debut in the second," declared the coach of Sabadell. (via SPORT)