22 February 2012

Barça, attentive to Neymar

It keeps the covenant to bring it after the World Cup Brazil 2014, but does not close the doors to incorporate before.

Barcelona continues to hold firm covenant with the Santos's Brazilian star Neymar, to bring it to Europe after the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. However, both the club blaugrana as the player himself does not rule out the possibility of advancing the date in the event that both documents needed it desperately needed.

The environment of the Brazilian forward insists that the desire is to leave Neymar before 2014 the Santos to anchor in Barcelona. It is clear that the Brazilian club would not be so for the work to get rid of the player at least the short to medium term because its priority is to finish the centenary year, who are currently serving with the dispute of the final of the Copa Libertadores -South American version of the Champions League.

So after the summer of 2012, negotiations could take a new course, provided considering that Barcelona does not want to go too fast to keep the price is more expensive and will become a 'soap opera' unbearable.

There is no doubt that the entry of Neymar to force the Barcelona scene to rethink his transfer policy, since in no case would let slip the opportunity of bringing such talent to their roster. (via SPORT)