12 February 2012

Barca and Madrid Gareth Bale battle for the next summer

The "war" between Barcelona and Madrid could extend beyond the pitch this season.

As reported in the Sunday newspaper 'The National', both teams would be interested in taking the services of Welsh football this summer.

Tottenham midfielder is regarded as one of the pearls in the sky youth football team and Guardiola would provide new options to the left. That's why Barça might try to tempt the player with an offer, which the English newspaper, double your current salary in the Premiership. Specifically, the azulgrana side would be willing to pay up to 7 million euros a midfielder. But Real Madrid plans to go even further in their attempt to thwart Bale signing for Barça, and could supply up to 9 million.

Of course, both teams must first convince Tottenham, who have no intention of getting rid of what they regard their star player. In fact, the English newspaper explains that Harry Recknapp, team coach, as Daniel Levy, president of the club, match Bale's cache to Cristiano Ronaldo, who joined us remember the set target of 80 million pounds ($ 94 million euros).

A figure that Barça would not be willing to reach in any way. In fact, as we explain in later editions, the proposed Barca would be around 30 million euros. Anyway, the saga is served. (via SPORT)