13 February 2012

Ballack: "We won't hide"

One of the icons of German football, Michael Ballack (Görlitz, GDR, 1976), may have been Barca in 2004, but when the truth, Bayern , where he played between 2002 and 2006, he was held. Also a former player of Kaiserslautern (1997-99) and Chelsea (2006-10), after an initial period (1999-02) now becomes an activist in the Bayer rival morning of Barcelona in the knockout round of Champions. 'Balle' Freiburg scored against the goal that put Leverkusen in the current Champions League and was instrumental in wins over Chelsea (2-1) and Valencia (2-1) in the group stage. Yesterday he suffered a hamstring injury and will miss tomorrow training: input may not, therefore, avenge the elimination suffered as 'blue' in the 'semis' of 2008-09, before he had beaten the Barcelona itself with Bayer , 2-1 (2001-02) and the Chelsea 1-0 (2006-07). "Disappointed" as assured MD , will try to be for the return of 7-M.

By decision of coach Robin Dutt you had three consecutive games in the Bundesliga still alternate. The big question: would it have been a starter tomorrow against Barcelona?

I started from the premise that would have been to Barça.

After passing around a "group of death ', did you at Bayer afraid to have to deal with Barca?

I am delighted that Barça is our rival, as a dream 35 years after the group stage and we face Chelsea, my former team. Can not ask for more. In sporting terms Barca are strong words, but in our field and we beat Chelsea himself and Valencia ...

Bayer already eliminated in League Cup and only six, offering performances and showing irregular vulnerable. Is it a breeze for Barca?

In the duel that the catalog as 'expert on sweet' bell that motivates us. We of course it 'outsider' against al Barca against Chelsea he fue different. But he Bayer tambiénsabe jugar a football! Chelsea have shown it to y Valencia y passing the octavos in a very hard group. We force him runner-up Germany. At home we can tie Fuertes y in the short batir al Barcelona.

But many people say that you will Barca won the lottery .

We must be realistic. We returned to the Champions League after six years of absence. We lost reputation, right now we are as 'rookies'. It is normal for a neutral observer it seems that we are easy prey. Granted, but as I said is something that motivates us a lot.

Getafe and Osasuna and Barça have beaten this season. What would be your formula to give Bayer the morning bell?

What Barca how to win? The tactical questions are a thing of the coach and not want to get. But with Barca beat Chelsea in London, 1-0 and 0-0 in Barcelona were being coach Mourinho and Hiddink already on the bench, just 1-1 at the Camp Nou and 0-0 at Stamford Bridge ... but, yes, Barcelona entered the final with that goal from Iniesta. Mourinho and Hiddink found a way to constrict Barca and abort your game concept. Bayer now there is certainly a chance to win one of two games, but will be very complicated and difficult.

¿To throw wrinkled face and not a good system?

As seen with the equipment to which Barça failed to win pays off very boldly push them up and in midfield or delay and annoy ranks from there. But Barca players are so extraordinary that it is not easy annulment. My formula will mark them three goals fast and then lock ourselves behind, ha, ha, ha.

¿'Drying' Messi is a key?

It is impossible to man marking on Messi for his power stroke with or without the ball and whether there is someone who blocks the way or not. Besides, it is very robust in the 'one against one', although it does not wrinkle are crushing. And unplug the rest of this super-team is not easy to say.

What enabled them to beat Chelsea and Valencia at the BayArena?

We do not hide their face against Chelsea and Valencia, and that led us to victories. Nor have we hid ourselves against Barca will fight and try to put them in trouble, desconcertarles, narrow its scope and mark them a goal. Now, I insist that the tactic is up to our coach.

Is this Barça the best team of all time?

This club is unique. Offensively is very strong and so is in defensive terms, something we sometimes forget. And the pressure when he loses the ball does not get all the praise it deserves.

Really not a little terrified face to face with the European champions?

The team faces the relaxed match, we'll go crazy. By philosophy we are cutting offensive, but am sure we will be more defensive. If the cold be our ally? I think that Barca knows how to handle freezing temperatures. What we have to try is to let ice cream with our football (laughs).

Do you regret not being able to sign for Barcelona in 2004?

Yes, it's a shame that in 2004 could not complete my transfer. We had reached an agreement with Barça and we had the approval of Uli Hoeness (then manager of Bayern Munich), but ultimately thwarted in summer signing, after Euro (Portugal) Hoeness told me not transferable and prevented my up. Of course I was angry and disappointed that Bayern had given the OK to my departure to Barcelona, ​​which was all spoken. Sometimes I think what may have been playing with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and Barca other cracks. I was very excited about the idea of ​​coming. Back in 2006 end up at the Chelsea free transfer, Bayern did not see a euro for me.

Did he know about Barça?

No, do not ask me again.

The Barca president Sandro Rosell now was on hand to present the offer Blaugrana ...

Sandro Rosell (then Vice President) came to my house, we had a barbecue. I had a very good feeling about him and Barcelona. Rosell sent me a dream offer in sports and I think it could have met with the paper for which I wanted. I think that Barca went to by myself on my versatility, I can play in the positions of '6 ', '8' and '10 'attackers and perform functions and provide containment goal. I think we would have gone well.

Is it true that soon will be a teammate of former Barca Henry and Marquez in the American League?

It is early to talk of an exit to the MLS, but there is a possibility of going to the NY Red Bulls.

Now your path will cross with Guardiola, who idolized ...

Yes, long ago said in an interview that was my idol Pep Guardiola. What why? What a question! Pep was the '4 'par excellence, the paradigm of builder game. But what most attracted me was that not only Guardiola was full quality but also possessed the charisma that made him and still making it so special.

Do your three sons Louis, Emilio and Jordi are culés?

They have Barça shirts, followed by Barça games and of course know Messi, Xavi and Iniesta. Jordi, now 6, is very good. I think we can go far in football. If he might end up in Barça? Who knows? (Laughs).

You know Chelsea Mou. Are you surprised by the controversy raised here?

As a player you feel very protected him by Mourinho. Of course out is a provocateur, part of his character. The planning is on track to success and work to date gives reason. Also in Madrid trying to succeed with all possible means. What polarizes all, do not listen to others, seeking consciously controversy. Has overcome the historic rivalry between themselves and Madrid. I can understand that for the Barca is an enemy and a figure who arouses hatred. (via MD)