15 February 2012

Bale: "I am happy here at the moment ..."

Gareth Bale is happy with this for Tottenham, but will continue to leave for other clubs. The Barcelona pursues its signing.

The future of Gareth Bale is still unknown today. Welsh is one of the major objectives of Barcelona for next season and so far the player is left wanting. Yesterday said he was happy at Tottenham, but added that things can change in the coming days. "I'm happy at Tottenham ... of time. Now we're in the right direction and is a very exciting time for the institution, "he said in 'ESPN'. With the top team in the Premiership, Bale was delighted with the situation of the club. "We have a team with young people and we are still under construction. We have new facilities for training and plans are underway for a new stadium, so things seem to go in the right direction. "

And is that Tottenham is becoming one of the greats of the Premier. "We are up there fighting for the Premier and I see no reason not to keep progressing."

Bale also happy with his role on the team, which is the cornerstone on which revolves the whole team. Now even more focused play, just as Cristiano Ronaldo in his time at ManU. "I talked about it before with Redknapp. Also with my agent. If you notice Cristiano at the top he played very close to the band and the teams began to bend the markings. So I had to go over the middle and change your game. "

According to British media, the continuity of Bale, Tottenham will depend in part on whether Redknapp still at the helm next season. (via SPORT)