28 February 2012

Andrés Iniesta gives voice to an animated character in "Pirates!"

FC Barcelona's Andrés Iniesta, lends his voice to a character in the animated film "Pirates", a production of British studio Aardman to be released on June 29 in Spain, has informed Sony Pictures España.

Iniesta, the father of a little girl, is excited about his participation in the Castilian version of "Pirates". The possibility that her daughter can "recognize" in a cartoon makes you "look forward", the statement of the distributor.

The Barcelona player gives voice to Pirate Albino, a character "shy and loyal" will do everything we can to meet your captain his dream: to win the Pirate of the Year Award.

A goal that will take the crew to live many adventures from the shores of the Caribbean to the streets of London, and face his greatest enemy, Queen Victoria of England.

"Pirates!" is the latest production from Aardman studio responsible for titles like "Chicken Run, Animal Farm" or series of adventures of Wallace and Gromit. The British study has been nominated nine times for Academy Awards in Hollywood Film and has won four times. In its original version, the animated film features the voices of British actors like Hugh Grant, Imelda Staunton and Martin Freeman. (via MD)