18 February 2012

And in the match against Valencia whistles Turienzo Álvarez

Which he saw the hand of Raúl Rodríguez in the derby.

After the last arbitration incurred for Barça at Camp Nou has not gone down well the designation of Chartered Castiliano-Leónes Javier Turienzo Álvarez for tomorrow's match against Valencia. The braid born in Barakaldo be reunited with all Pep Guardiola six days after having injured clearly in the derby match at Cornellà-El Prat against Espanyol. At that time, with 1-1 on the scoreboard, Turienzo brushed aside a 92 minute penalty for a clear hand of Raúl Rodríguez, who avoided the winning goal after a shot from Pedro when the ball has already seeped into the goal.

The images left no room for doubt but the protests were to no avail to Turienzo rectify its decision. In the azulgrana dressing room was not surprised that arbitration since it was commissioned collegiate whistle the Levante v Real Madrid on Matchday leaving Pepe kicked the former Barcelona Xavi Torres. The Portuguese went scot-free without any expulsion. Turienzo again be under scrutiny tomorrow at the Camp Nou. (via MD)