06 February 2012

Alves: "We supermotivados"

The fullback azulgrana summed up the general feeling towards the dressing room to match against Valencia on Wednesday.

Solved the league meeting at the Real Sociedad with a victory that should have suffered more extensive for Barca , Barca players enjoyed a festive day yesterday and today back to work to begin preparing a momentous impact the future of this season: copera round semi-final against Valencia. The culés won a matched one at the Mestalla and should endorse the pass to the final at the Nou Camp. Be eliminated would be a blow, it would mean saying goodbye to a degree, have another very complicated and virtually everything fiarlo Champions League, with the attendant risk to have a bad day and be felled. However, if Barca is planted in the end, this competition can park up to 20 or 25 May, which are the two possible dates to be played in that game. That is, the Cup final would be the last game of the season, so that means at the time of leaving a good impression last.

Aware of the importance of the match, Barca put the costumes in every way try to get the pass. Dani Alves said about that meeting that "we supermotivados.'s just one step to get into the Cup final, we all know is a very nice game. In addition, we would forget that competition until the end of season. " His teammate Adriano also highlighted the need to be very focused to the whole milk. "We have to go one hundred percent from the first minute if we remove them. Valencia is a very good team, we would become very difficult. We must be alert to the end," he said.

This willingness to give priority to Barca clash against Valencia was also evident in the lineup that Pep Guardiola put on the pitch before the Real Sociedad , reserving

many owners. Barca coach did not hide behind the shock laimportancia meeting Wednesday. "We played a final and we can only win the game," said Pep, who asked the audience to make an effort despite the cold and try to fill the Camp Nou to take the team to the finals on wings. (via MD)