25 February 2012

Alves: "My father asks me to chute more"

Dani Alves attended to MD at the offices of Cedar Esport, the company that represents it and that last Wednesday launched the new and spectacular Brazilian website: www.danialves.com.

La Liga is more than complicated.

Dani Alves (DA): We took it as a challenge. Let's see if we can reach at Madrid. If we are so distant is because we have done something wrong.

Are they just the ten points?

DA: By the game, no. There are two ways to play different, equally acceptable, and yours is more effective. The difference is a bit exaggerated watching the two teams, but we have not been able to score the necessary points to keep that distance and now have no margin for error.

Have you analyzed the reasons?

DA: We looked at everything and has been a little weird what happened to us. Since I had not ever had this many injuries. They are not excuses, but somehow it affects you.

Why only affects out?

DA: With what we have done in previous years, we have to do it three times the work to achieve the objective. We have not had that other seasons balance between home and away. But you have to fight to the end. Nothing is impossible. We must do our part. If punctured, either. And if not, I congratulate you for being champions.

The clásico of League was azulgrana ...

DA: They make the direct league matches but lost in other theoretically less important. Perhaps there are parties that do not give them much importance, you relax and just getting a surprise.

So much has improved Madrid?

DA: It has always been a team in which the important thing is winning. Playing well does not care. We have to play well to win, enjoy and delight people. It is a philosophy of this house.

Although not make excuses, do arbitrations are influencing?

DA: Our boss that takes away the head. Do not talk about the referees. We must leave them alone, do their job because if we do things three times as well, although there are mistakes, the rivals can not afford to win.

Do you feel more comfortable playing in Europe, with less pressure?

DA: We feel comfortable playing football and enjoying it. Never mind that another competition. The Champions League is the most spectacular for what it means, but the league is just as important.

Is the Champions League is now the priority?

DA: Our priority is to win the league. It is the competition more difficult, the more elaborate. The Champions too, but now we can not talk to prioritize anything. We will try to compete at all.

Barcelona and Madrid, as the best teams in Europe are called to meet again in the Champions League. Where the end or before?

DA: Currently the two best teams are us and Manchester United, the last finalists. The Madrid competes very well and if we face, we will prepare well.

And the Copa? Why is it special?

DA: It will be a tough game. Athletic has improved a lot. We look forward to enjoy this final as it costs to get and come muchísmo losing the title last year. It is a wonderful opportunity to win it back.

And personally, how is Dani?

DA: stoy physically spectacular. What happens is that when a game things go wrong, you start talking about me. You take a step in your life where you have to make a decision and say things that do not exist. But both criticism and praise when I do my work. I live for my team, my coach and my club.

Have you been encouraged in the locker room?

DA: They know my contribution. If things go well, well, if not go well, try to all get ahead. Do not point fingers. I am very happy with my work.

Pep said it was five days ...

DA: That's the coach. It is always controlling everything and said "go, you need to disconnect a little bit." When you think you do not mind your colleagues, but I was watching TV before. Let me ask about any move!

Were you surprised by his substitution in the Cup against Valencia?

DA: When I joined the club no one told me "you're going to play every game." I have a special affection and respect for my peers and if looking for controversy because they would not play disrespect to them. I am an employee and the employees accept the decisions of their bosses.

How far you feel comfortable?

DA: Yes I try to always do my best and do what I ask.

But the feeling is that shines more when starting from behind.

DA: I for one think that the more positions you play, the less you play. If you put me there, I will, but I side. Upstairs there are players who do better than me, like Cuenca, Alexis and others. My natural position is the side which conozo very well and I can defend.

Continues to give many assists.

DA: My numbers from this and last season are the same. But with ten points, people talk forever.

Last pass to Messi in Leverkusen goal was much celebrated.

DA: I have very clear ideas. If you checked, the only difference is that my father will be happier. I always said I have to shoot more. But I prefer to enter another. His work is that, and will be happier if they score. My function is to assist and make theirs. So everyone is happy.

So much needed to mark Messi?

DA: Messi lives of the goal. Assists, plays great, but is happier if brand. We know that a golmío does not help much, but his goal can serve to gain personally.

Is your goal to Madrid at the Copa was the best of his career?

DA: Yes, for the difficulty, how to get the ball, by the party, the rival, to aid the classification, for everything.

That day gave reason to his father ...

DA: Yes, my father told me "congratulations". I just said, "See? Must shoot."

Do you have greatly affected Tito Vilanova disease?

DA: Obviously, but when you see one with strength, it also strengthens us. I'm glad he's okay.

Go praise you lately has been devoted to Money!

DA: It is the reality. Without Pep, no heaven and he knows his importance to us. We need you. It's like a glove for all. Nobody wants the cold without gloves. Pep is the bringer of harmony, which is very respectful to everyone.

Would you say you face to face they want to continue?

DA: We do not get. Is personal. Is your work. We must leave him alone to take the decision he sees fit for your life and your family. People should be happy. And if something does not make you happy, change and do other things.

Is it hard to understand their doubts when they all want to continue?

DA: You can not put on your skin, but if we want to continue it because it suits us all. I appreciate, but also interests me because it is he who can best take my best for how it works and ideas.

Will the players the first to know?

DA: What interests us is to renew the order is not important.

This year is getting longer ...

DA: If you have extended is because it has focused on what is at stake and can not be distracted.

How long Alves in Barça?

DA: So let me! I support not to be in UnSitio if one party or another is not happy. The affection I have for Barça, finish my career here or not, is always the same. All that I am in football is due to Barça and Sevilla.

"I know people hate me"

Alves is one of the most irritating players to the fans of Madrid for his character in the classics. From the speakers blank media club is accused of making theater. Dani threatens, but does not fit the cloth.

"That's something of the history of this master, a wizard to destroy .... In football there are many lies. When I was signing for Madrid was the best in the world. One does not pass well be the best to worst. there is some interest. If it interests me, and if you praise, criticize you. we are vaccinated. If we affect to tell us this or that, not live. I have twitter and I have many people who love me and many people who hate me, but many people do not know me. I can not hate someone who do not know. only bother me that people who know me speak ill of me, "said the side before explaining the reason for his football temperament:" When I compete I do like someone who is hungry and sits down to eat. When not competing, I'm supertranquilo. People believe what they see, hear and read. I ever see, hear and read less and live happier. "

Alves does not give much importance to media pressure, "I'm used to. Each plays their weapons. These things make us bigger and help us to compete well and win. Have to focus your energies and forces on what really matters."

And hard on yourself and those around him, asking the fans a plus: "I love my fans for the love they showed me, but I do not share things like that in the semi-final against Valencia Camp Nou was not full to bursting. was a semifinal to redo them to enjoy with a new end. like them we also require demand. I would like the people I want to be with me when I'm wrong, not when I'm fine. when I'm good I have a million friends, and when not, do not come to count on one hand. "And positive energy claimed: "Negativity attracts negative things and positive, positive. If we are the first that we believe we can end up being able to". (via MD)