15 February 2012

Alexis Sánchez: "We will continue to the end, whatever it takes"

Neither Sergio Busquets and Alexis Sanchez wanted to give the tie closed the end of the match against Bayer Leverkusen.

The barcelonistas Alexis Sánchez and Sergio Busquets have been held at the end of the match in Leverkusen 1-3, his team, but neither has given the result for the final leg at Camp Nou in two weeks.

The Chilean author of the first two goals of Barcelona, ​​said that his second was "fundamental" couple to reassure his team, after Bayer Leverkusen were to tie the game.

"We have the right foot in the quarter-finals but we can not relax for the Barcelona match. We will continue to the end, no matter what," said.

Meanwhile, midfielder Sergio Busquets, who returned to the ownership after a serious injury when he suffered a cut below the knee, admitted he was "very tired" and some "hurt" in some actions.

"It was a good result and peace of mind for the return and also to the League. The round is not sentenced. It was a good result and we know how the Germans. The 1-3 is reassuring," said.

Busquets want victory in this round of the knockout stages of the Champions League serves "to soar in the league," after he was ten points behind the leader. (via SPORT)