24 February 2012

Alexis Sánchez choose 'Tocopillator' as a nickname you like best

Alexis Sánchez (Tocopilla, December 19, 1988) is a man of few words. Like Messi, where he likes to talk about is within the field, as demonstrated in the seven months he has been at Barça scoring goals almost the same -11 to 12 - than in all of last season at Udinese.

Nevertheless, Chile, renamed by the readers of the Web MD as 'Tocopillator'-mote himself Alexis chose among the various proposals of our Internet-is not satisfied. "I can give more," he says, while not hiding his dream "would be playing the Champions League final in Munich and score the goal of victory."

In Argentina, 'Olé' was baptized as 'Wonder Boy', but in the locker room they call 'cachái'. Explain why ...

Alexis Sánchez (AS): I put it my teammates because instead of saying what I mean always responded by saying cachái-word used in Chile and that means understand-but I am slowly changing (laughs).

MD took the initiative through its website to ask them to put a new nickname and the most votes were: 'Tocopillator', 'Alexis the Barbarian', 'Wonder Sánchez', 'Runner' ... what do you like?

AS: 'Tocopillator'.

Why Arnold Schwarzenegger?

AS: I like his movies, but mostly I choose it because it is related to Tocopilla, my city.

Valdés said the other day that was hard to understand. Leo Is it still the only one who understands?

AS: Now I understand all. Before they spoke very fast and cost, but now I do it slower.

What is a day of Alexis Sánchez in Barcelona?

AS: I like being quiet at home, resting, watching movies, listening to music. I am very normal.

Do you still live here alone?

AS: No, I live with my family, near the beach.

From what I have known of Barcelona in recent months, what do you like burning?

AS: The sea. I love to relax watching the sea.

And the food here ...

AS: Any, but especially the paella. I really enjoy.

Now that you know well the club. Are you surprised?

AS: Actually, I did not expect that the club was as well. I imagined a normal club, but is much bigger than I imagined.

Why do you say?

AS: First, because they get to Barça to start playing football differently.

Has much changed your life?

AS: Absolutely. I have to enjoy what I'm living here every day to the fullest. In addition, I have encountered colleagues are great people.

What goes through your mind just when to jump to the Camp Nou?

AS: It's beautiful. When I jump into the field makes me want to make and not the party never ends.

From the outside it has adapted surprisingly fast and already takes almost the same goals in all of last season. You too surprised?

AS: No, I have yet to give more than what I have. I can show more. 11 goals for me are still few. I have to keep dialing.

Playing alongside players like Messi, Iniesta, Xavi .... Does the football is easier?

AS: Obviously. They are the best in the world and is a pleasure to play with them. You learn a lot. Messi, for example, I learned that it is very competitive. He always wants to play and that honors him.

Why you would be a disappointment to leave after what Guardiola opted for Alexis last summer?

AS: For me and for all people, because he has given much to the club. I hope he stays.

What is the dream of Alexis at Barça?

AS: To win everything. Every year, winning the Champions Cup ..

Do you see in Munich?

AS: Yes

¿Leading the winning goal?

AS: It would be nice. The final of the Champions League and score the goal of victory is another dream, no doubt.

And in this league can still dream?

AS: It is difficult, but in this life while there is life there is hope and we will fight to the end. Do not give up for lost.

Reunion with Simeone and Falcao
On Sunday, the club will visit the Vicente Calderón to Atlético Madrid measured. "It's a very difficult, but we intended to get the three points because they do not give up la Liga," said Alexis. There will be reunited with two old friends from River Plate: Simeone, who was a technician, and Falcao, the Colombian forward this season has become the great rojiblanca star

"I like to play alongside Neymar"
Before attending the media covering the event, Alexis Sánchez played a kind of 'who's who' with three boys chosen by Nike to the questions were right on the facebook page of the American firm. And to make a track, without discovering the image, you had to hit the player in question. One of the names was that of Neymar unveiled striker Santosin the orbit culé . When asked about it, Alexis said "I would like to play alongside him because he's a great player".

Nike Mercurial Vapor resentó the S. III
Alexis Sánchez attended Mundo Deportivo after a ceremony at the store soloporteros.com, where he presented.
new boots Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly III. Azulgrana forward said that "very comfortable". Another feature of these boots, which also fit players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Pedro or Neymar "is that they are made ​​to run, so I wonder to go fast players," explained the expert
in these new Mercurial Vapor.
Superfly II I

'Tocopillator', the nickname that you like most about MD
Alexis responded willingly to choose one of the nicknames given by the top rated surfers from MD. The Chilean chose 'Tocopillator' for his relationship with Tocopilla, his hometown and wrote it with his own hand. (via MD)