16 February 2012

Alexis Sánchez already wonder

The Chilean came to power ahead of Barça and in just six months has scored as many goals as in his best year in Italy.

In Europe speak with admiration of Alexis Sánchez. With his double to Bayer Leverkusen in the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League, Chile has managed to break through the cracks of the continental tournament and placed on top of the top media.

It was enough to regular his first game with Barca in European competition, until February 14 only twenty minutes against Viktoria and Milan, to be released as a scorer. Perpetrated against the Germans their best and, for now, more incisive recital since you saw at azulgrana. He was the player who wowed Pep Guardiola and technical secretary of Barça. Destabilizing, fast, versatile, great bregador, with high intensity offensive and huge vertical punch. And generous, even if it hurts terribly shoulder. The team of aspirin, his game left him feeling sick; to Barça, the satisfaction of being with one foot in the quarter way from Munich.

Alexis arrived in summer 2011 at Camp Nou with the label of "Wonder Boy" hanging from his shirt and a signed five-year contract. When beginning to show and after seeing door against Villarreal in the first day of league, a hamstring injury knocked him to the infirmary for two months and 11 games long. Little by little he regained the tone and assimilating the concepts of the Barça brand. His second point of departure coincided with the day's visit to Ray Stadium. I fell a couple. Four days later it was receiving the Levant and a week later to Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabéu himself. Osasuna twice, Málaga and Bayer have also been affected.

Without realizing it, and all that lies ahead, Alexis has been at one of its top scorer beat in a season. Calcio was established in 2010-2011, with Udinese, when he managed a haul of 12 goals. In his three years in Italy collected a total of 21 with an average of 0.19 in 108 games. The club has raised the bar to 0.45. And that's not a pure scorer. It is considered more an assistant, although Barça has only one pair.

Enhance a lead with Pedro, Messi and Villa was a firm hard, very hard, but Alexis, a type that does not wrinkle ever seemed possible. The Argentine has found another vein Chilean offensive. He has three assists (Osasuna, Real Madrid and Bayer) and has received the day of Betis. But Alexis, but his teammates say they speak too fast, are understood by all. Thiago, Xavi, Adriano and Cesc already have caught the hang.

Impact on Chile for his enormous performance

The great performance of Alexis in Leverkusen has caused an avalanche of praise from the press of Chile. The newspaper El Mercurio said that Chile is the third to score two goals in a match of Champions, following Ivan Zamorano and Marcelo Salas, besides being the ninth gate to see in this competition. In 'La Tercera' stressed that "it was the game that was waiting for Alexis Sánchez. Came to have good performances, but lacked a brilliant match consecrate it." Both 'Triunfo' and 'La Segunda' stressed that "Spain surrenders to 'the Wonder Boy." (via MD)