18 February 2012

Against Valencia play another new defense for Barça

Without Alves and Mascherano, sanctioned, Guardiola should devise against Valencia the 23 rd season behind.

In 42 competitive matches in a high percentage because of injuries, Pep has lined up no less than 22 different defenses. Casualties of the suspended Alves and Mascherano force him to devise a more, also unpublished, tomorrow against Valencia. There are many possible combinations. The versatility of Abidal, Adriano, if do not have discomfort, Puyol and even Busquets help solve this problem but before being third in la Liga, the choice of coach is very accurate. The safe return of Pique, yet the morbidity after becoming involved in the stands in Leverkusen, is guaranteed.

There will be no defense of three. The intent of the first round against the team che did not work and the left lane Valencia became a highway. Pep corrected the imbalance in the Copa del Rey and the two semifinal matches left on the bench Alves and placed in full-back to Puyol to cover the inmates of Mathieu and Jordi Alba, Piqué, Mascherano and Abidal accompanying him. Barca drew (1-1) in the first leg and won the return (2-0).

One of the most probable is that the position of Argentine the occupying to Abidal, who has been centre-back in six cases (Madrid, Porto, Viktoria, Sevilla, Granada and Getafe), and Adriano take care of the left back (Madrid , Real Sociedad, Viktoria and Osasuna), leaving the right for the captain. The ex Sevilla could also occupy the right wing (Al Sadd), which would allow Pep tweak it right. The other two cards are handled by the coach in the subsidiary. Or Montoya (BATE and Osasuna) by Alves or Bartra (BATE) in the position of Mascherano. There are other nuances, but less likely, as a delay to Dos Santos (Hospitalet) to the right side or locate Busquets of centre-back (Milan). (via MD)