23 January 2012

[Youth] Mallorca 0 - 2 FCB Juvenil A

With this new win against Mallorca, Oscar Garcia boys follow the leader game, Espanyol, which is only a point of the azulgranas Dongou has signed the two goals of the day.

The Juvenil A has added its fourth consecutive win in the match against Mallorca at the nineteenth day of the Honor Division League. Oscar Garcia's team has left the field with a good attitude and has worked throughout the meeting to be imposed on one of the most powerful rivals in the category. Finally, the ownership and possession of Barca has allowed them to victory.

The guys from Oscar Garcia's party have raised very seriously and have come out with great intensity. In the first part, the azulgranas have been higher than Mallorca and have enjoyed several scoring chances until Dongou, on 17 minutes, opened the can thanks to a great Christian center from the right has topped Cameroon .

Despite the opportunities, the Juvenil A could not realize any other time and went into the break ahead by the minimum.

The second half continued having color Barca, although Mallorca ever created danger from set pieces. However, the guys have been Oscar Garcia who have widened the gap on the scoreboard with another goal Dongou. On this occasion, has released a lack Cristian quickly and picked up the defense by surprise Mallorcan striker situation has taken to make the pass to Dongou, which has not failed.

With the win, Barça are placed Espanyol just one point, the current leader, who has drawn this Sunday against Gimnastic Tarragona. Next week the Juvenil A will continue to fight to regain the lead in the match against FPE Mataro. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
Mallorca: Martí, Salcedo, Gabri, Juanito (Pedro, min 77), Vincent, Jorge (Álvaro, min 69), Xavi, Sastre, Vidal, Ripoll (Blasco, min 51) and Tofol (Marc, min 51).

FC Barcelona: Bañuz, Edu, Grimaldo, Bagnack, Ayala, Cristian (Sandro, min 68), Pol Calvet, Dongou, Miguel Ángel (Babunski, min 80) and Quintillà.

Goals: 0-1, Dongou, min 17; 0-2, Dongou, min 65.

Referee: Juan Alberti Oñate (Balearic committee). showed yellow card to Juanito (min 15), Edu (min 71), Marc (min 88), Álvaro (min 89) and Salcedo (min 90).