15 January 2012

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 4 - 0 Reus Deportes

Alex Moreno was the opener of a match completely dominated by Barça. Barça has signed the goleada in the second time, with the goals of Pol Calvet and Dongou, this had left double.

Óscar García's boys has won Reus, the team colista of the classification, in the eighteenth day of League. The azulgranas has dominated the whole encounter, especially the first part, and they have enjoyed numerous occasions to increase the differences, until in the second time the goleada has arrived. With this victory, Barça continues second in the chart with 47 points and it chains its third serial victory.

The first one leaves it has put at once of face for the azulgranas, since in the minute 3 Alex Moreno has inaugurated the marker in favor of Barça in a play enough tied. Miguel Ángel has made a center and Alex Moreno it has finished off, but the porter has stopped the ball that has been in the air. Dongou has taken advantage of the one it rejects but the defense has been able to take out the spherical one, although it has finished arriving to the feet of Álex Moreno that has taken advantage of the occasion to mark the first goal of the game.

After this goal, Óscar García's boys has continued dominating the encounter and the occasions have not stopped of being happened, like a clear opportunity of Pol Calvet in the minute 12 that it has finished off of head a very good center of Álex Moreno but the ball has finished going outside. Dongou has also been about to mark the second in the minute 29. The front azulgrana has overcome to three defenses and it has been alone before the porter, but Guille has been able to take out the spherical one.

In the second part the game has continued of color azulgrana, although the locals have enjoyed less occasions because Reus has pressed with more intensity. However, Pol Calvet has signed the second goal from the encounter to minute 51 in a play that Álex has begun Moreno that has made a splendid pass to Dongou, the forward it has centered and Pol Calvet has finished off.

Dongou has enjoyed a clear occasion in a play with Adama from the right in the minute 32 that it has ended up in goal, but it has been annulled on the outside of game. However, four minutes later same Dongou, in an action nailed to the previous one, has written down the 3-0. The front azulgrana has also marked the room, in a combination play with Adama in the last minute of game that has left sentenced the party.

Next week the Juvenil A will face Mallorca in the nineteenth day of the Liga División de Honor Juvenil. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Technical Data]
FC Barcelona: Bañuz, Edu, Brian (Grimaldo, min 59), Quesada, Ayala (Adama, min 74), Samper, Álex Moreno, Pol Calvet (Babunski, min 67), Dongou, Miguel Ángel, Quintillà.

Reus Deportiu: Guillem, Jonathan, Balaña, Martell, Víctor Iranzo, Jorge (Antón, min 67), Cristian (Joan, min 56), Uri, Álex, Geri (Óscar, min 46), Edgar (Mia, min 46).

Goals: 1-0, Álex Moreno, min 3; 2-0, Pol Calvet, min 51; 3-0, Dongou, min 76; 4-0, Dongou, min 89.

Referee: José Francisco Pérez Bueno. Brian yellow card (min 38), Jorge (min 41) and Uri (min 42) .